Tuesday, September 11, 2012

hearts and cats

Ever since September 1st, I've been in full-on fall mode, drinking hot chocolate and pretending that it's cold outside even though it's actually just as hot as it was in July. But yesterday was our first autumn-like day! Luckily none of my neighbors were around because I was definitely skipping and twirling around outside, basking in the cool weather. I'm actually surprised how many other bloggers love fall, because growing up I was always considered pretty goofy for liking it so much. Everyone I know is a summer groupie, and the fact that I'd choose chilly nights over balmy ones made me some kind of alien lol!

Anyway, here I go again with another very literal outfit, inspired by this I <3 cats pin! Having the words spelled out isn't quite enough... you need to also be wearing a cat shirt and a heart skirt to really drive the point home, right? ;)

Shirt + Skirt - c/o sheinside | Pin + shoes - modcloth | Cardigan - forever21