Thursday, September 13, 2012

little boxes

It may not be time for coats and hats just yet, but it's definitely time for layering! yay! :)

Honestly I'm having one of those days where I just can't think of a darn thing to write about. My mind is filled to the brim with thoughts about my top-secret project I mentioned yesterday, getting Flapper Doodle ready for the holiday season, my trip to Disney World in exactly 2 months (along with my first ever ride on an airplane! eek!) and I don't have much room for the little chit chat I usually reserve for my blog!

One thing though... I'm a little excited about this so I thought I'd share it here. This week I opened a savings account to save up for a house! ah! When I say "house," I really mean a tiny studio condo in town, but let's just call it a house anyway. My goal is to have the down payment saved by November 12, 2016, my thirtieth birthday! I really think I can do it, and it's such a nice thing to have to look forward to now! :)

hm, I guess I actually had plenty to write about today after all!

Dress - c/o PB&J boutique | Shirt - c/o emerging thoughts | Shoes - modcloth