Thursday, September 6, 2012

peachy pink

Sorry for the terrible mirror photo! We've been having a really dreary, overcast week so when the sun decided to show itself for a few minutes I hurried and took a quick picture of my new hair color!

In real life I think it's a little bit more muted than it looks here (or maybe that's just because I've been seeing it in rainy-day-lighting all week) but I really do like it! I used Clairol Light Red-Neutral Blonde (8RN) mixed with 20vol developer for the base color. And then the next day I used Special Effects Cupcake Pink mixed with a smidgen of Manic Panic Wildfire Red, and a decent amount of conditioner (to dilute the color) and left that on for a few hours. So it's like a peachy, muted pink instead of being really bright.

If I can maintain this color I think it will be perfect. With a less saturated shade of pink, I feel like I'll attract less attention in public (which is a huge plus for a wallflower like me) and I won't feel compelled to match my outfits to my hair, which I always do when my hair is bright pink. But my hair will still be PINK! I think it's a happy medium :)