Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a scathingly brilliant idea

I had an idea the other day that I wish so much could become reality, but unfortunately it involves time travel (most of my ideas do, actually.) I was looking through some old family photos and, as I'm sure most girls do, started wondering "whatever happened to that dress/shirt/vest/skirt/bag??" I likely donated it, threw it out, or my mom gave it to a friend's daughter as a hand-me-down. In any case, it's no longer in my house and I wish it was.
So here is where my idea comes in: we should be able to go back in time and buy clothes from our past self. I'm sure 13 year old me would be completely delighted to not only get rid of something she no longer wanted, but get some spending money in the process. And being fully aware of 13 year old me's obsession with drug store makeup, I could probably repossess most of my old wardrobe favorites for the cost of one tube of Maybelline mascara.

By the by... if anyone ever happens across a white Roxy shoulder bag with strawberries on it, circa 1999, please let me know...

Update from 2017 Kate - I FOUND THE BAG!! I wrote a post about it here. YAY!!

sweater, dress and shoes - all h&m