Friday, August 31, 2012

look what I made #6: navy sweetheart dress

This is by far my favorite dress I've made! It's the first time that I used lining, the first time I sewed a back zipper and the first time I used facing, so it was a challenge but I love how it came out.

I used the bodice from New Look 6567 (thanks to Casey for finding it!) and the skirt from New Look 6020 and then I added little bows at the neckline for some detail. I ordered the pattern online and didn't want to wait for it to come in the mail so I chose the PDF Printable version. Big mistake. Has anyone done one of these before? It prints like 100+ pages that you have to assemble into one giant pattern. It took me about three hours to assemble it and all the while I was cursing myself for not having the patience to just order it through the mail. I probably used up two rolls of tape putting the thing together, too. Oh well! Live and learn :)

Dress - handmade! | Shoes - modcloth | Belt - forever 21 | Necklace - c/o modcloth