Saturday, August 18, 2012

exciting news!

Rachael from The Paraders has launched a vintage-inspired clothing line that will bring tears to the eyes and cause goosebumps on any girl with a soft spot for retro flair. I'm not kidding when I say that my jaw literally dropped when I saw the samples she posted on her blog earlier this week. They are STUNNING.

Basically it's like stumbling upon the most amazing vintage items on etsy, only they're brand new and available in your size. Not only is the design true to period style, but even the attention to detail is something that's usually only found on a very special vintage piece. Things like covered buttons, flattering darts and pretty pockets *swoon* .. Seriously, look at these:

Absolutely amazing, right?! And that's just two of the items.. there are 5 more!!

So far the patterns & samples are finished and all of the fabric & notions have been purchased. All that's left is to assemble everything into a line of completed pieces. And that's where we come in! Rachael has started a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to complete the production.

Each pledge amount comes with a different reward -- and (more exciting news!!) the first 10 people to pledge $35 or more will get a paper doll designed by me!! :D A paper doll also comes with every pledge of $50 or more, too!!

I already pledged, and I really hope you will too! I think this is the most beautiful independent line I've ever seen, and I hope so badly that it'll be able to be put into production. Even if you can't pledge, please help spread the word and support a fellow vintage-loving gal! :)