Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wishlist wednesday // pie dress!

If ever there was a dress that was Charlotte-Charles-ish, this is it. A DRESS COVERED IN PIES!! Even the shape just screams "Chuck!" am I right?! I want to buy it and wear it with a little cropped cardigan and over-sized cat-eye shades while I track down murderers with a boy who can bring back the dead. Okay, that last part is highly unlikely, but at least I can wear the dress with a sweater and pretty sunnies ;)

I'm surprised (and a teensy bit disappointed) that it isn't called "The Pie Hole dress" or "The Pie Maker dress" as an homage to Pushing Daisies, but c'est la vie! Sometimes I forget that not everyone is as obsessed with dresses that remind them of this tv show as I am, lol ;)