Friday, August 10, 2012

100 swans and a cat

Whenever Hypatia decides to photobomb my outfit pictures, she always plops herself down in front of me and starts grooming herself. She'll never sit daintily by my side or get cozy at my feet, it's always full-frontal upside down bathing. It's particularly hilarious since she's such a demure little cat (especially compared to my other two!)

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my post yesterday... I've already made advances, since I'm typing up this post at 12 in the afternoon, instead of being beholden to my imaginary 9am deadline ;) I really am incredibly indecisive, though. About an hour or so after I published my post yesterday (in which I said I was tired of my pink hair already) I got dressed, did my makeup, etc. and realized my hair was long enough to get it into my old bun/hairbow style... and when I wear it this way I just love the way it looks pink! I think I'm just going to wait until it starts fading and then I'll make a decision about what to do with it. I love the pink sometimes and I love the dark blonde sometimes... I really wish there was a way to alternate each day instead of committing to one permanently :p Darn my dark roots!

Dress - c/o sheinside | Shoes - urbanog | Belt - forever 21