Tuesday, August 14, 2012


More bugs! I'm acquiring a strangely large collection of insect-print clothing for somebody who literally shrieks at the sight of even the tiniest of spiders. When I was little my dad had a glow in the dark cockroach t-shirt, and I guess I've never gotten over how cool that seemed.

Hypatia decided to make another appearance again, too! yay! I would love to show off my cats more often but all three of them are camera shy. I get SO excited when one of them wanders into a picture or stays still long enough for me to take some snapshots!

ps. My August featured sponsor, The Little Buffalo, is having a pretty cool giveaway on her blog for a sweet little pink bow-tie (or hair bow if you think like me, haha!) You can check it out here!

Shirt - c/o sheinside | Cardigan - old navy | Skirt - h&m | Shoes - urbanog