Wednesday, January 15, 2014

when skies are cloudy and grey

I've been having a major case of the "blahs" lately. I took outfit pictures almost every day this year and so far I've only been satisfied with (I think, I'm too lazy to double-check) four. It's like I forgot how to get dressed all of a sudden, nothing looks right (except those four(?) that I thought were half-decent enough to post) I'm also really not thrilled with my hair -- I had to touch up the dye since I missed a huge chunk and ended up accidentally dying it too dark again. blargh!

I'm also not thrilled with the cut. It looked great at the salon but I majorly suck at styling my own hair after I wash it. I try so hard and watch youtube tutorials and read tutorials but everything comes up FAIL. I think it's a combination of being super incompetent in the beauty department (still pretty sure I don't apply concealer correctly either) and having hair with a mind of its own. Each strand is programmed to go in a different direction and no matter how hard I try to blow it out straight, my waves come back with a vengeance. I miss being able to just whip it up into milkmaid braids and call it a day.

On a much brighter note, I'm meeting two of my best friends today and I'm so excited about it! We've been friends online for five years this month. We're all so close I feel like we're sisters, I'm not even nervous about meeting them in person, just super, incredibly excited :)

dress- modcloth | cardigan - c/o modcloth | tights - target | shoes - c/o oasap