Sunday, January 12, 2014

try a little kindness #2

I'm really excited about this printable, I've been wanting to figure out how to do faux cross stitch in photoshop for a while and I can't wait to make more designs now that I learned how. I want to learn how to do physical cross stitch too, I just need to find the right pattern to start with (I'm thinking one from kitschy digitals will be perfect, though!)

If you'd like you can download an 8"x10" free printable version of this design right here (just right click and save!) It's also available in my society6 shop here.

Last week this Pennsylvania pizza shop owner offered to deliver food and medicine for free to any elderly residents in his town who were trapped in their homes because of the arctic vortex. I've read so many heartwarming stories about people helping out during the storm. There's also this story about a man who put his snowblower to good use and cleared the snow from his neighbors' driveways in below-freezing weather.

1- If you have netflix or hulu plus and pay $7.99 a month for those services, maybe consider signing up for a monthly charitable contribution in the same amount. I'm by no means rolling in money but I figured if I can find $8 every month for reruns of The Office I can find it for the ASPCA :)
2 - Put some of your spare change in a parking meter that's running low
3 - Let someone know how much you love their work. I tweeted an author today to say how much I loved his book. Hopefully he'll see it and smile :)
4 - If you follow me on twitter you know I'm not the biggest fan of USPS but I do admire the individual mailmen who have to battle this weather to deliver our mail. A little "thank you" note in the mailbox wouldn't be a bad idea!
5 - Go out of your way to say "hello," smile, and say "thank you" every time you're at a cash register (thank you to Mary for this one!)