Tuesday, January 21, 2014

cats and more cats

Another cat print dress -- shocker!! And am I wearing cat shoes with my cat dress? You bet your kittens I am! It's an unwritten law of Catladydom that one must wear cat shoes with a cat dress. Look it up in your manual if you don't believe me ;)

Arrietty decided to get in on the outfit photo action this time (well, I lured her into the picture by dangling a mouse near the camera. potay-to, potah-to.) Her anniversary is coming up sort of soon and I'll do a whole big birthday post but can I just say how much I absolutely adore this cat? She loves to snuggle and trots after me around the apartment when I move from room to room. She caught me so off-guard... when I adopted her I knew that I was capable of caring for and loving another cat after Hypatia but I really didn't expect to get such a wonderful little buddy.

Just look at this face and that big fluffy tail. She's a keeper.

dress- c/o oasap | shoes - delias | tights - urban outfitters