Monday, January 27, 2014

is it spring yet?

I don't want to wish away time but my goodness I wish it was spring already. Sometimes I just ignore the snow and ice outside and in my own little apartment, it's spring. Pastels and bare legs are perfectly acceptable in a controlled climate and sipping lemonade with my back to the window brings some welcome relief from the icy wasteland outside. Of course all make-believe has to end sooner or later -- a realization that you're out of cat food or a printer warning that you're low on ink and before you know it you're once again encased in layer after layer, none of which actually provide sufficient protection from the bone-chilling wind outside.

The whole idea of "snow days" as a kid stuck with me and I've always had a soft spot for winter. I still get excited when I hear that school is cancelled, even if I'm no longer a beneficiary of that announcement. I heard we might be getting a snowstorm this weekend to rival the one in 1996 -- known to me and probably most of the local members of my generation as the longest time we ever got off from school for snow (the neighborhood dads actually built us an honest-to-goodness igloo that year!) -- part of me is excited that other kids might have the opportunity to create similar snowy memories but I have to admit, a much bigger part is just wishing that we were getting a heat wave instead... pass me the lemonade?

dress - dorothy perkins | sweater - asos | shoes - c/o bait footwear