Monday, January 6, 2014

eggplant pigtails

A little sneak peek at my bedroom! :)

Right before the new year I re-dyed my hair and it came out so dark! It was one of those really cold icy days and I was still getting over being sick and I was dead-set on dying my hair, so when I saw that I was out of the conditioner I use to dilute the hair dye I thought "oh what the heck" and just applied it as-is. And wow does it come out dark when it's not diluted. It was basically black with an ever-so-slight blue/purple tint. I mean, this photo was taken after it had faded a bit with a few shampoos and it's STILL super dark. Right now it's getting a little closer to what I consider acceptable lightness (ex: if you follow me on instagram you can see what it looks like now, here) but I'm really looking forward to when it fades even more. It's funny, I have naturally dark brown hair and lived with it for 17 years but as soon as I (accidentally or on purpose) end up with a dark hair color now I hate it so much.

If you're curious, I used punky colors in violet. I like it most when it's almost completely faded, and it looks kind of grayish-lilac. When it first goes on, even when I dilute it, it's a little too blue. I bought some punky colors purple and I'm going to try mixing them for my next touch up :) I'm also going for a haircut this week and taking along a photo of Phryne Fisher from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries -- is anyone else hooked on that show (and her hair?!) I love it! She's like a living flapper doodle!

dress - modcloth | blouse - thrifted | bow - topshop | shoes - c/o bait footwear