Thursday, January 23, 2014


Last Saturday I went to see Frozen at the movies and dressed accordingly. Of course in the winter nobody can tell if you're theme-dressing for a movie because once you step outside you're buried under a dozen layers of outerwear. But I knew, so that must count for something..

If you haven't seen Frozen yet I HIGHLY recommend it. Aside from Up it's probably my favorite Disney movie since Mulan. I've already been obsessively looking up pins on ebay and I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent so much time memorizing my favorite song from the movie (Let it Go, I think that's the internet's favorite, too) that I'm hearing it in my head when I wake up. I'm not complaining. Ever since 3D animation came out I've been kind of iffy about it.. I just prefer old-fashioned 2D so much more. But I have to say that the animation in Frozen is breathtakingly beautiful. There were some scenes that I wished I could pause in the theater so I could soak up all the pretty.

dress- modcloth | tights - c/o we love colors | shoes -bait footwear | hat - asos