Thursday, January 9, 2014

mustard and mauve

After I took these photos yesterday I went to Sally's and got supplies to re-dye my hair -- it was just really bugging me. Plus I'm meeting two of my very best friends next week and wanted to look super spiffy! I've been really good about bleaching (the last time I even touched up my roots was in October) so I decided to bleach the purple out (I know, it's not good for my hair, I know, I know!) and it turned my hair.... green. Not horribly green, actually kind of a cute light mint, but I really wanted purple. So I panicked a little, then put toner in and hoped for the best. It actually lifted out most of the green so I decided to throw caution to the wind and put in my new purple dye. If it turned out murky brown or throw up green, I have a back up wig for emergencies ;)

Well, it turned out PERFECT. I mean 100% completely head-over-heels perfect. I'm typing this at 2am before I go to sleep and I cannot wait to wake up and look at it in the daylight! Honestly the darker purple wasn't that horrible but it just didn't feel like me. This is a light pastel purple and, ugh, I'm just so giddy about it I could dance. I just might dance. At 2am.

Also, how about these tights?! I got them at Target (you know those little rolled up $5 ones that come in a bunch of colors and fill the hearts of tights-lovers around the world with boundless glee) and I'm so in love with them! They're almost a neutral since they aren't too bright, dark or light -- just a happy medium pink. And they match this cardigan so well it's almost scary.

dress - modcloth | cardigan - c/o modcloth
tights (in bold rose) - target | shoes - c/o bait footwear