Thursday, January 30, 2014

bat your eyelashes

Guess what genius forgot to get her flu shot this year? Yes, that would be me. I woke up yesterday feeling pretty sick and now I'm just praying to the gods of sickness that it's just a cold and not the flu. I'm bargaining "I promise I'll get my flu shot as soon as I feel better, I PROMISE!!" and hoping they'll let me go. I basically spend October-March every year living in fear of coming down with the flu (I know, you'd think someone as petrified of sickness as me would have gotten her shot, but no, I forgot. Of course.)

Not that having a totally stuffed nose and sore throat is a walk in the park but I'll take it over the flu any day. I just really hate being one of those people who is sick on and off through winter. My mom NEVER gets sick, it's ridiculous. I seem to have inherited most health-related genes from my dad (scoliosis, high cholesterol, a weird nerve issue in our feet.. thanks, dad!) so it stands to reason that I would have gotten his weak immune system, too. Phooey!

On a less germy note, how cute are these shoes? I love inanimate objects with human features, so shoes with eyelashes are pretty awesome in my book. I also love the trompe l'oeil loafer outline, too! So adorable!!

dress - forever 21 | cardigan - old navy | shoes - c/o loly in the sky
wig- minty mix | hat - forever 21 | tights - target