Friday, January 17, 2014


Some of my recent photos from instagram! In case you missed my post last month, I stopped posting on my old account and created a new private one in October. I was being harassed on my old account and wanted a safe, private place to share some of my favorite moments and interact with friends. I've been enjoying instagram so much more now! I'm sad that I lost all of my followers and about 3 years of photos (my favorites of which I'm starting to re-post for throwback thursdays :) but the peace of mind that comes with a private account is wonderful.

Originally my new account was "scathinglybrilliant" (for obvious reasons) but last week I realized that if I logged back into my old account and changed the name it would free up "kategabrielle" again and I could snatch it for my new account! It probably caused some confusion (even *I* feel confused trying to explain it lol) but I just really wanted to be able to use my name again.  SO long story short, my new private account is now kategabrielle. I'm approving most follow requests from public users and if you're a (nice, kind, friendly!) private user who wants to follow just let me know your username in the comments so I know to approve your request :)

ps.  I think I win the award for blog post with the most mentions of the word "account"
pss. I doubt anyone is interested but if the new drawings in my photos caught your eye, they're available as prints in my etsy shop. blah blah blah