Wednesday, March 27, 2013

to distraction

I hardly ever wear pants but when I do I think the outfits always end up among my favorites. I love this one so much, with the scalloped collar blouse and polka dot pants that match my shoes exactly.

I'm still having a really, really hard time coping with losing Hypatia. Tomorrow will be a month and I've lost it quite a few times this week... Distractions are helping somewhat though. My mom has been joining me for X-Files marathons almost every night in the living room, and before bed I've been losing myself in the Hunger Games books. I really wanted something to read that would suck me in so my mind wouldn't wander and these have been doing the trick! I'm almost finished though, so I've been limiting how many pages I'll let myself read each night to stretch it out a little longer. If you have any suggestions for completely engrossing books I could read when I'm finished, I'm all ears! :)

blouse - c/o tulle | pants and shoes - forever 21