Friday, March 15, 2013

lace trimmed socks diy [guest post]

It is always the little details that make an outfit. Flowers in your hair, the jewellery you wear or the cute little lace trimmed socks on your dainty little feet.

Lace socks are amazing but weirdly expensive. American Apparel sell them for $14. This is just crazy to me so I thought I'd put together a ridiculously easy DIY where they'll cost you about $2-3 and take maybe 10 minutes to make. Sounds pretty good, right?!

Ok, so you're going to want to start with all this (cat, optional):

socks (I used ankle socks but you could literally use any!)
lace (for one pair you'll only need about 14 inches)
sewing machine (or needle and thread)

1. Take the lace and measure it around the widest part of your foot. It should go around your heel and up across the front of your foot. Cut two pieces of lace to this same measurement.

2. Take each piece of lace and form a continuous loop by folding one end over the other and adding a few stitches to secure.

3. Now this part is easy to do but difficult to explain. Take the lace loop and a sock and put one pin in the back of the sock just under the ribbing (the gathered top). Then put another pin at the front so the lace is equally distributed around the sock when stretched. Another two pins at the quarter points (so between the other two pins). Each sock should now have for pins on it with the lace positioned to sew.

4. Now you're ready to sew! All you need to do is just one line attaching the lace to the sock - easy! Make sure you pull the sock as you sew so that the lace bunches up when it's finished. I found it helpful to put the sock over the base of my sewing machine (I removed the front section) that way you don't have to worry about pulling the sock as much while you sew.

5. Repeat with the other sock and now you have a beautiful pair of amazing socks!

And now, if you're crazy like me you'll go on to make another four pairs and wear them for the rest of your life!

Take Care,
Gabriella, Pixie and Pixier