Thursday, March 14, 2013

almost stylish [guest post]

Hello Scathingly Brilliant readers, this is Kati from Almost Stylish. I was so sorry to hear that Kate's cat soul mate had passed away, and was happy that I could do something to help her whilst she needs time away from her blog.

The oufit I'm wearing in these pictures is mainly second hand with a little bit of Primark - a good recipe for an affordable look! I'm a huge believer in buying second hand, not only for financial but also environmental reasons. I've also went a year with only buying used, you can read about my experiences here.

I knew I wanted to try out a light blue and brown outfit, got all clothes in these colours out of my wardrobe and started putting something together. I like how it turned out, I'm not quite sure about the tights, but oh well, you gotta try things out of your comfort zone from time to time! I hope you all have a lovely week and may have a look at my little corner of the Internet where I share outfits, DIYs, recipes, snapshots from daily life and additions to my etsy shop Katinka.

Cardigan: Primark // scarf, blouse, skirt, belt: second hand // tights: no idea! // shoes: Deichmann