Saturday, March 16, 2013

by the sea [guest post]

Hi! I'm Emma Wallace and I am a crazy-fan of Kate's delightful drawings (she did my album cover here!) and whimsical bloggings.

I am a singer/songwriter and I get most of my musical inspiration from classic (and brilliant, of course) songwriters like Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern and my beloved Cole Porter. And my beloved George Gershwin. And my beloved Hoagy Carmichael. And... (please don't make me pick a favorite!) As you see, I can go on and on.

This song, however, I know from a dvd I used to watch when I was a kid called Disney Sing-Along-Songs where they had clips from Disney movies and a bouncing Mickey head cheerfully guiding you through the lyrics.

You are welcome to download the song for free, if you like, and maybe it'll make you think of the breezy summer days ahead!