Sunday, March 10, 2013

introvert's introduction [guest post]

dress: borrowed // skirt: diy // tights: mom's // shoes: forever 21

Hey all! I'm Lauren from the blog Introvert's Introduction, and I'm a college student from Alaska living life in Oregon. I was so sad when I heard that Kate's kitty passed away. As a cat mother myself, I can't even imagine how hard it will be; I hope this post can help out just a little bit.

In the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about the future. It's probably sparked from the fact that us college people are having to choose housing for next year, and that has brought on much stress and foreseeable drama. But to be honest, it made me kind of scared for just a few years down the road when I'll finally be out of school. I never really thought seriously about buying a house, getting a job, having to pay bills, and now it's practically around the corner. That's scary stuff people! But I mean, I guess since thousands of people have done it, then little ol' Lauren can too.

The other part of me is just incredibly excited for the future. I get to buy my own house and decorate it, I get to have a real full time job, I get to finally live on my own. Perhaps great experiences come with just a little bit of cost. Needless to say, let's bring it on!

I hope you have a really fabulous day today!