Monday, March 11, 2013

quick & easy hairdos [guest post]

Hello wonderful readers of Scathingly Brilliant! I'm Britney from Scout and today I am blogging for Kate while she is away. I am sure that we can all understand the hardship that Kate is going through. I recently lost my dog and its so heart wrenching that at times it is unbearable. You've spent their life thinking you are prepared but up until it happens you never realize just how much it will hurt. Lets all send Kate hugs and love from all around the world. Lots of them!!!

In honour of Kate (and her brilliance) I'm going to show you a few quick and easy hair-dos to make your day better if you are feeling a little uninspired and sad!! When I am a little down and even if I have no where to go I'll do my makeup, hair and get dressed up. Its amazing how it can make a difference!

First and foremost a pretty little half-up beehive. If you want to do a full beehive its super easy to just tuck in all the ends! I would have to say this one is my favourite! And it is remarkably easy too! I love the vintage, 50s feel this hairstyle gives. Plus it can make any outfit so much more prettier!! Who doesn't like a beehive?

1. Part the top section of your hair from the bottom. 2.Tease the top section all up!! Try and avoid the very top as this will show at the end and I'm betting you'll want it to look smooth! 3.Use a bun ring to add extra volume. 4. Simply tuck it in under the teasing. 5. And pin it down with bobby pins. 5. Tease the side sections out more and then clip at the back (with more bobby pins). 6. Spray and smooth with lots of hairspray. 7. Add any finishing touches. I added a big white bow as a homage to Kate! 8. And wear it with pride!!

The Tinkerbell Bun is just as easy, perhaps even more!!! I recently purchased this pretty floral hair tie from a New Zealand accessories store but you can find similar (possibly prettier) here, here (this one has butterflies!) and here. All you need here is a bun ring, a hair tie and any pretty decorative things!

1. Start with your hair out. 2. Put it into a silly (but fun) high pony tail!! 3. Grab a bun ring. 4.Pull the pony tail through the ring. 5.Drop the hair down (making sure it covers the ring completely) and tuck in the edges. 6. Decorate!!! With anything you like!

This is the easiest!! So simple! You can just put it up and go! Generally when I am at home and want my hair out of my face I'll go for this. I've used a scrunchie-esque bow. The bow itself has wire in it so it keeps itself in great shape!!! And its in a pretty red polka-dotted pattern. Whats not to love?

1.Start with a head of teased and voluminous hair. 3. Bring it all into a pony tail and wrap the hair tie around a few times. On the last time through don't pull it all the way. Leave some tucked in. 4. If needed add some bobby pins until you are happy with the shape. 5. Done!

I sure do hope I've given you some Kate inspired inspiration!! She sure is one amazing gal. Am I right? So lets all send her our well wishes and hugs. If you are going through something similar reach out!! Take steps to make yourself happier (like putting your hair up all pretty even if you aren't leaving the house). Its not easy. But people always tell me it will get easier! And I am pretty sure the passing of a loved one gets easier when you are surrounded by more love, friends and family.