Saturday, March 23, 2013

saturday favorites

I'm in love with these kitty cat shoes! Not only are they so much more affordable than most feline footwear (only $20!) but they're 100% man-made, so they're vegan approved :) They're available here in three colors, too!

I was never super interested in lookbook photos before, but I've been seeing some really lovely ones popping up on pinterest lately. This one from Dahlia is my favorite... the scalloped pinafore seals the deal, obviously, but I also love the sixties styling and dreamy filters. (ps. Dahlia is giving away a season's wardobe and the contest ends March 31st so hurry over and enter if you didn't yet! :)

I also love this lookbook from Young Sinners! The collection is SO fantastically sixties and I'm dying over this raincoat and umbrella. I saw a similar raincoat at Target like three years ago and have been kicking myself for not buying it ever since.

Cotton candy, mermaids and pastel colors = lookbook perfection! I love the new collection from She and Reverie and the lookbook captures the breezy summery feel perfectly.

Somebody scanned an old Delias catalog and it's basically the best thing ever. I wish so much I hadn't thrown out all of my old ones, it would be so fun to look through them now! Every once in a while I check ebay but nobody ever has any for sale.

Yay, finally!! A fit and flare 100% cotton galaxy print dress! *commence dancing, cartwheels and high fives!* I cannot WAIT to get this and wear it to the planetarium.

I love the pictures from Danielle's latest post! If you don't already read Ghosts Waltz, definitely check it out. Danielle is a sweetheart, a talented artist and I think (if it's possible) she loves pastels even more than I do! ;)

Potatoes! Bread! Truth.

This is basically my ideal kitchen. I love the colors, the pale blue fridge, the mint green lamps, the wallpaper, everything! I can just imagine sitting here each morning, eating belgian waffles, drinking grapefruit juice and planning out my day. *sigh*

Did I say belgian waffles? I meant pancake pops. Definitely pancake pops. How amazing are these little guys? I love pancakes, but not in huge servings like they usually come in restaurants (or even at home, no matter how much I alter the recipe I still end up with enough to feed an army) so these seem like the perfect solution! Recipe here.

I wish this was mine! I always end up painting my appliances (much to the horror of my brother who thinks sleek and shiny, black and silver is the only acceptable appearance for any kind of electronics) but this would be pretty darn amazing.

This has to be the best clutch ever. I know it's a teensy bit pathetic that I always plan out where to wear things before I even buy them, but I would LOVE to bring this to the art museum! And then take outfit pictures next to a Lichtenstein.

Last but definitely not least -- the Space Jam website is still up, and it's exactly the same as it was in 1996. It's like a little time capsule!!