Tuesday, March 12, 2013

diy clip in bangs [guest post]

Hi there, my name is Ally and I blog over at now that's pretty. Today I'm here to share a little DIY that can totally change your hair but doesn't require any awkward cutting or growing out periods. The other day I was out shopping and saw clip in bangs (we call them winges over here because they are fringe wigs...oh yeah we call bangs fringes). They looked pretty cool but were uber expensive so I decided to make my own. The only downside to the DIY version is that you have to wear a ribbon to cover the seam but there's nothing wrong with a little encouragement to decorate yourself with bows right?

You will need:

Hair extensions of the same colour as your hair- I had some from when I'd been growing my hair out but you can usually get them in chemists and beauty stores quite cheaply. If not you can use a wig and then cut the hair away from the net (keeping the hair fibers on the seam).

A needle and cotton
Hair straighteners

The making- 1) First straighten the hair you're working with, it makes it easier to manage and judge length. 2) Cut off the existing clips or attachments. 3) You will now be left with hair on a seam. Do this until you have a few layers because you need the bangs to be nice and thick. 4) Layer up your seams and sew them together (You don't have to be very neat here as long as its relatively strong). Also at this point check they are the right width for your head. 5) You now have the hair you will be working with! 6) Re-attach some clips- one in the middle and one at each side. 7) Finally cut your bangs. It's better to cut a little at a time than to suddenly realise you've cut it way too short. 8) Yay! All finished! I left some little tendrils at the sides as well because they make it look a little more natural.

The styling- 1) Unclip all your fastenings. 2) Clip your bangs on. 3) Use a straightening iron to slightly curl your bangs under. This makes them look less rough. 4) See? Much better. 5) Since you can still see the seam you will need to cover it. You can get a little creative here, I usually use a ribbon but in the past I've used plaits or curls of my own hair. 6) Ta-daa!

Have fun with your new hair style!