Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wishlist wednesday

Finally, a galaxy print dress that I like love. I've mentioned before that they always seem to be made in really unflattering shapes or fabrics, but this is not only fit-and-flare (my favorite) but the fabric is velvet. Can you say awesome x100?!

It's a wee bit pricey though, and actually I just purchased galaxy fabric to make my own dress! I'm using this fabric (it came in the mail last week and it looks seriously amazing in person) and I'm leaning towards New Look pattern #6020... I just wish I could find one I like where the bodice was all one piece though, so it wouldn't break up the design (the bodice on 6020 is assembled from three separate pieces.)

Even if my homemade dress turns out fantastic, I'll probably end up buying this one when it (hopefully) eventually goes on sale. 9 times out of 10 it seems like if I just wait long enough, my favorite asos things end up reduced by 50% or more! *fingers crossed*