Thursday, July 26, 2012

today is a most exciting day...

...for today, my new laptop arrives in the mail! hooray! I've been sans-laptop for almost a month and I just can't wait to have one again. I want to name it but I'm not sure what yet. I'm leaning towards Margo (after the character from The Good Neighbors) but we'll see. Also I really want a hard case for it/her... does anyone have any recommendations? I'm getting an 11" macbook air. Ideally I'd like a pink case (surprise!) but most of the ones I'm looking at on amazon don't have reviews, so I'm wary.

In other news, how amazing are these leggings?! I'm not usually a huge fan of footless tights/leggings so I tried concealing the fact that they don't have feet by wearing black socks underneath lol. I think it actually worked rather well, though. The key was using really thin socks so it looked sort of seamless. Black tights would probably have worked too!

Dress - vintage | Cardigan - f21 | Leggings - c/o romwe | Shoes - urbanog