Thursday, July 5, 2012

so long, old friend.

I just got back from Best Buy where I received some very unfortunate news... my laptop is dead :( I lent it to my brother a few weeks ago after the laptop he had been using broke (which he was only using because HIS laptop broke in December. I should have seen this coming, right?) and it stopped working a few days ago.

I'm super fortunate to have a desktop mac too, so I'm not totally lost. But it's frustrating and sad, nonetheless. This was my first apple computer, and the one that I used to launch Flapper Doodle and this blog. In fact, 99% of my blog posts were written on this computer. My desktop is primarily where I work on my etsy store, but each night I'd get cozy in bed with some lemon cookies, Hypatia and this laptop and type up my posts for the next day.

Etsy sales permitting, I'll be replacing it pretty soon... but since it was such a big part of this blog and my life, I thought my little laptop deserved a farewell post.