Friday, July 27, 2012

who's laughing meow

Well, my macbook came in the mail yesterday and right now I am using it to type this blog post! yay!! I've decided on Margo for the name after all, and thanks to some super helpful comments on my last post, I'm going to get this pink speck case for her :) Thanks!! :D

This shirt says "Who's laughing meow?" on it (I LOVE a good pun. Extra points if it's a cat pun.) although you can't really see the words since I have it tucked in. I was aiming to do some close up shots but by the time my camera's self-timer had started ticking, I was already entranced by two little fluffballs on my bed. I'm not easily distracted by shiny objects, but put something with fur and whiskers nearby and you'll lose my attention completely.

Shirt - c/o modcloth | Skirt - h&m | Shoes - modcloth