Thursday, July 19, 2012

in bloom

Today I'm treating my mom and grandmom to a girls' day in NYC for their birthdays! My grandmom turned 75 on Monday, and tomorrow is my mom's birthday! (age withheld upon request lol) My grandmom has Celiac and hasn't been able to really indulge at restaurants since she was diagnosed in the early 90's, but I found a deli in the city (Bloom's) that has a gluten free menu... I'm SO excited to take her there! They actually serve things on gluten free rolls & bread -- she is going to flip! I hope so badly it's as good as I'm anticipating :)

Then we're doing a behind the scenes tour at Radio City Music Hall, and going to Ripley's museum. Oh, and the M&M store for my mom, who is the world's foremost chocoholic. Oh, and don't tell my mom, but when she gets home my real present will be waiting for her in the kitchen... I got her a stove! :D Our old one has been broken for years (we actually have to light the burners manually with matches and the oven door doesn't close) so my dad is staying home from work to be there for the delivery while I'm out with my mom. I am so excited I actually have butterflies in my stomach waiting for her to see it!! I think I have more fun planning birthdays and presents than I have on my own birthday lol ;D

Dress - vintage c/o JoJo's | Belt - forever 21 | Shoes - dorothy perkins | Headband - h&m