Tuesday, July 17, 2012

faded pastel memories

Me and my brother went to Point Pleasant beach in NJ last week... neither of us have been there since we were kids and we have really fond memories, so we thought it would be a fun trip down memory lane. Unfortunately it just wasn't as awesome as we remembered it to be*. I hate it when that happens. Compared to our current favorite beach (Ocean Grove) it seemed kind of untidy and sooo incredibly crowded. And for some reason I had visions in my head of a pastel paradise, but in reality I was the most pastel thing at the beach that day.

We walked the boardwalk for a little while, got some cotton candy (can you believe there isn't a single place there that makes it from scratch? It's all prepackaged in plastic bags. ergh!) and went to the arcade. That was actually really fun, but in the end we decided to high-tail it for Ocean Grove for dinner ;)

*ps. please don't hate me if this is your favorite beach.. it just wasn't my own cup of tea, and it didn't live up to the super expectations I created in my head when I was little :)

Dress - c/o Modcloth | shoes - asos | Mint petticoat - vintage (JessJamesJake)