Monday, July 2, 2012

mad about you

I love when unexpected memories pop back into your consciousness, and you're reminded of something completely lovely that you had entirely forgotten. Over the weekend I accidentally stumbled upon an episode of Mad About You, and it triggered some very happy thoughts.

It had totally escaped my memory how much I loved that show. During my senior year of high school I had a pretty rough time socially, so I used to deeply treasure the time I spent at home. I'd stay up until 3 or 4am each night, waiting as long as possible to go to sleep to put off going to school in the morning.

In the wee small hours, I'd watch the sitcom reruns that came on after the late night shows were over. At 1:00 sharp, I'd go downstairs to our quiet kitchen and make myself a salted baked potato, toast with grape jelly and a cup of sparkling peach cider (I know how odd that combination sounds, but somehow it turned into my favorite late-night meal at the time!) By 1:30, I'd be sitting on my bed ready for Mad About You.

When I rediscovered it this weekend, my mind flashed back to how much I loved my little late night treat. I looked forward to 1:30am ALL DAY LONG. I'd sit in class and ache for my half hour of bliss. I loved the show, and I loved my snack but more than anything I loved how much fun it was to spend time alone. I honestly think that learning to enjoy being your own company makes life so much nicer... and for me it all started with Mad About You and salted baked potatoes :)

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