Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a happy hypatia post

Hypatia doesn't really stand still very often for photos, so I was pretty thrilled to get this one last night. It's like she was posing for me, standing in front of my curtains looking all 70's big-eyed-cat cute and everything. And I thought it would be the perfect picture to use for a little Hypatia update in case anyone is interested in how she's doing!

She had another episode of feline herpes about 1 month ago and I was doing a decent amount of worrying (and an un-decent amount of sleeping) but she's doing really well now! *knock on wood!* I keep track of her weight, and I am SO over-the-moon happy to say that right now she's the heaviest she's been all year! I'm seriously giddy about it. And it's been over a month since her last vet visit-- she is usually in there at least every 2-3 weeks! I know it's not a guarantee that she'll remain healthy but at this moment I'm just so happy! She's acting like her usual playful, sweet self and I couldn't ask for anything more!

I know I definitely walk a fine line between cat lady and crazy cat lady (people who know me would probably say I crossed that line a long time ago) when I do posts like this, but I really wanted to share the good news, especially since I know that Hypatia has a lot of people rooting for her :) Every single time someone online asks me how she's doing, my heart feels so full. xo!