Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lipstick organizer DIY

A lot of my DIY projects seem to be born out of necessity. I love how lipstick tubes look standing up (as opposed to tossed in a bucket or something) but if you keep them on top of your dresser, like I do, that poses a problem every time you close a drawer and they all tumble over. So I came up with this little lipstick organizer, and it works like a charm! :D

Materials you'll need: Empty nail polish remover bottles* (you only need the caps), spray paint, the lid from a jar (I used a plastic jar from the craft store), hot glue gun, embellishments (optional)

1. Clean the bottle caps and jar lid, and let them dry. 2. Spray paint all of the caps and lid, and let them dry. 3. Arrange the caps in the lid the way you want them to look, and then glue them down one at a time. 4. (Optional) Add embellishments like ric rac or floral cabochons! :)

*If you don't have already-empty bottles, make sure to dispose of the nail polish remover in a safe, environmentally-friendly way! You can find a local recycling center here.