Thursday, March 1, 2012

this outfit is my favorite outfit of all outfits

skirt - h&m
shoes - modcloth
shirt and cardigan - forever 21
belt - from another dress

I think this might be my favorite outfit I've ever worn! This is going to sound totally crazy but I have a folder on my computer for my favorite outfits, so I can get some inspiration whenever I'm in a dressing rut. I felt like I was in such a rut this weekend, but when this outfit caught my eye, I immediately knew that my orange skirt could save the day! ;) Granted I ended up basically recreating the same outfit with a different yellow cardigan and a different shirt, but somehow it still feels totally new to me. And it helped me out of my rut, so it did the trick!

This post inadvertently ended up being an exercise in seeing how I could discuss outfits without overusing the word "outfit", and I failed miserably.

ps. Did you catch the Office reference? Did I ruin it by pointing it out?