Monday, March 12, 2012

my five favorite outfits

My two year blog anniversary is coming up next week (I have LOTS of fun stuff planned to celebrate! hooray!!) and I've been spending more time than usual perusing my archives. So I thought it would be fun this week to highlight some of my favorite posts! First up, my top 5 favorite outfits! I left out any from when I used to take my outfit pictures with my webcam since they're so teeny tiny! My oh my, have things changed since then! Now I take the photos with my super fancy... iphone ;)

1. This was from a DIY post on how to do gold-leaf accents on shoes. I love those green tights and that vintage 60's velvet dress is one of my all time favorites! // original post

2. This is just from 2 weeks ago, but I love the colors and I felt so happy wearing it! It's my favorite outfit I've posted since I started fashion blogging almost 2 years ago! // original post

3. Annndd this is from last week lol! But I just loved it so much! Definitely something different from what I'm used to, and so fun! // original post

4. This outfit ended up getting paired with a really emotional personal post, but I still love the pairing of the summer dress & white pussybow blouse. // original post

5. Put simply: my all time favorite dress and my favorite vintage score. I would wear that dress every single day of my life if I could! // original post