Friday, March 2, 2012

posh frock friday

dress - vintage
shoes - from my grandmom

I have had so much on my mind lately, I've been finding it hard just to write these little paragraphs without yammering on about my busy schedule, my old cats getting adjusted to my new cat, and how I'm constantly working but never feeling like I'm making any dent in my to-do-list. I usually get along fine with my workload, but recently I've had so many family/home/life things to tend to that everything ends up feeling overwhelming and it totally monopolizes my thoughts.

It's not that I *want* to write about boring stuff like being busy and tired... yuck! I want to write about this dress and how totally awesome it is!! Or about how excited I am over grapefruit juice being on sale this week (actually that's pretty boring too, isn't it?) But honestly right now it is 3am and my brain is like "Your body might still be up, but I went to sleep HOURS ago!" I think I upset it by working until 6am yesterday (eep!) so tonight/this morning I should probably just cave in and hit the hay!