Friday, March 16, 2012

posh frock friday

dress - c/o modcloth
lace cardigan - h&m
necklace - handmade
shoes - modcloth

I stuck my thumb straight through these stockings when I was taking them off, of course. They were my only back-seamed pair, too! I never seem to get little runs that can be fixed with clear nail polish, they're always gaping holes that expand to the entire length of the stocking within seconds.

Also, I need to touch up my roots badly, but my favorite dye (Special Effects cupcake pink) seems to be sold out *everywhere* online and my local supply store only carries Manic Panic. So... my conundrum is this: should I use Manic Panic pink to get me through until Special Effects is back in stock (hopefully soon) or should I take a gamble on another color?! Maybe light purple? It isn't permanent, so I could always go right back to pink when it's back in stock, right? Hair color decisions shouldn't be this hard when you're dealing with semi-permanent color! lol :)

ps. Have you seen this Diablo Cody interview with Mindy Kaling? Favorite thing ever!!