Thursday, March 22, 2012

the sheer truth

dress - urbanog
cardigan - old navy
belt - from another dress
shoes - modcloth
stockings - c/o hanes

A little while ago Hanes contacted me to see if I'd like to participate in a facebook challenge where you take a photo of an outfit without stockings, and another photo of the same outfit with stockings. I thought it sounded like fun, so this is my submission! If you want, you can vote which photo has stockings and which doesn't on their facebook page, here!

I wear tights a lot but I haven't worn stockings too much since I thought they were all like those drugstore ones that make you look like you're either pale as a ghost or have an orangey fake tan on your legs. These really matched my skin tone, though, and I've been wearing them out a lot recently. The weather is in that in-between stage where tights are a little too thick but I'm just not ready for bare legs yet, so these are perfect! And (knock on wood) they haven't snagged yet, which is a miracle. I have wooden kitchen table chairs and a cat that likes to bite at my legs (Hubble) so hosiery that lasts over a week without getting nicked, pulled or ripped is pretty rare lol ;D Also.. not gonna lie, the fact that they make my legs look airbrushed smooth is definitely a bonus.