Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hot dog!

faux leather skirt - ruche
shirt w/lace collar - c/o modcloth
cardigan & belt - forever 21
shoes - asos

sooo.. I have pink and purple hair! I had enough pink dye leftover to do the bangs and some wisps, then used purple for the rest. I hated it the first night, but it's definitely growing on me. My mom LOVES it (her favorite color is purple) and she said I look like Easter, so that probably made me love it a little more. I absolutely adore Easter colors. I think my heart skips a beat whenever I see all the pastel candy displays in stores this time of year :)

Oh, and I unintentionally dressed like a hot dog! lol! By the way, if anyone is thinking of buying this skirt, I'd definitely recommend sewing or stitch-witching the front shut. The snap buttons are all functional, and they all snapped wide open whenever I moved an inch! I stitch-witched the seam closed for all but the top two buttons (so I could still get it on and off) and that seemed to do the trick but I'm hesitant to wear it out of the house. It's strictly an around-the-house skirt until I can test run it a few times and make sure I won't embarrass myself in public!