Friday, March 30, 2012

posh frock friday

dress - modcloth
tights - h&m maybe?
shoes - francesca's
pink braid - asos

The modcloth restock notification alert is dangerous... within seconds of finding out this dress was back in stock I'd already purchased it. Isn't the color something else?! It reminds me a lot of these tights (which also inspired me to pair the dress with purple!)

Also yesterday I discovered that I have a cat who plays fetch! Every time I throw this little pink mouse down the hallway, Hubble runs after it, scoops it up in his mouth and brings it back to me. When I got him a bed with dog bones printed on it I joked that he would be my dog cat, but I never would have guessed he actually WOULD be like a dog! haha!

ps. I have a little hair tutorial post coming up later :)