Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sunday I finally got to see some dinosaurs!! We spent the day at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia... they have a butterfly room, lots of creepy taxidermy dioramas and *drum roll please* The Dinosaur Hall! Whee!! I was a little disappointed that the T-Rex was a cast (the original is in NYC, so you can guess which museum I'm visiting next) but it was still awe-inspiring! And of course there is a benefit to seeing the faux bones -- you can stick your head inside a cast.. probably can't do that with the real 65 million year old skeleton lol ;)

Look how huge! His head is as long as my whole body! And I didn't know until Sunday that T-Rex lived in what is now North America! It's tempting to start digging around for fossils in my own backyard (I'm kidding.. sort of...)

I wore my dino necklace from modcloth, of course! If only I had a dinosaur printed dress to wear with it... ps. the Brontosaurus necklace is sold out now but the Triceratops isn't :)

They had a green screen thing where you could see yourself with dinosaurs! I can't believe I'm the only one in my family who wanted to try it (who WOULDN'T want to do this?!) It was so much fun! I was attacked by a T-Rex, I got to pet a Velociraptor and I went nose to nose with a Stegosaurus :)

It was my first time back at the museum since I was a kid, and it's definitely in need of some TLC, but the exhibits are still just as amazing as they were when I was younger! As we were leaving Philadelphia I saw the Franklin Institute is having a huge dinosaur exhibit through mid April so you bet your buttons I'll be heading there soon, too! ;D