Thursday, December 15, 2011

weekly watch-along

For some reason I haven't quite figured out yet, Thursday is usually pretty quiet over here in the views/comments department. In the past I tried coming up with things to breathe some life into Thursday but it never worked, so I've decided to go the opposite route instead... I figure, while nobody is looking, I'll geek out a little bit and start an X-Files feature! Although, provided there isn't some huge cosmic reason for the deadening silence that befalls this blog once a week, I do hope you'll stop by on Thursdays if you're an X-Files fan or are looking to become one!

Here's what I'm planning -- each week I'll post about one episode, starting with Season 1, Episode 1. If you want to watch-along, just make sure you watch the episode sometime before Thursday so you can chime in (or, if you're like me and know every episode by heart you can do that without watching it right before the post, lol..) The X-Files is available on Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus and on Amazon Instant Video, so it's pretty easy to track down each episode. I'll start next week so that if anyone wants to join in you have time to watch Episode 1 before my first post! :)