Wednesday, December 7, 2011

nepotism and t-shirts

My dad has owned a small mail-order music t-shirt company since the late 1970's, and since times are tough right now I thought I'd try to help him out a bit! If anyone on your Christmas list is a music lover (or movie lover -- he has movie shirts, too!) this is the perfect gift! He has merchandise on literally THOUSANDS of bands, everyone from The Smiths to Adele, from Death Cab for Cutie to The Spice Girls. If you like them, my dad probably sells their shirts. He also has baseball caps, hoodies, stickers, keychains and basically everything music related you could ever possibly want. All those music shirts UO sells for $45? My dad has them for $16. Seriously.

...AND since I'm his daughter, he gave me a coupon code for my blog post! You can get 10% off with code SB10. Make sure you use that coupon code if you order, because I'll be sneaking into his office and throwing free flapper doodle prints into orders placed with the code!! ;D

ps. He started the business in the late 70's and named it after a Brian Eno song, "Burning Airlines Gives You So Much More." It's been excruciatingly awkward since 2001, and honestly I get embarrassed every time I have to explain this, but let's just blame it all on Brian Eno. ;p