Saturday, December 17, 2011

100 years!

I made this design for the party invitations for Aunt Annie's 100th birthday party! The drawing was from a photo of her when she was a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding when she was only 16 years old, back in 1927! 84 years ago!

Like I said in my post yesterday, Aunt Annie didn't pay much attention to world events. But nevertheless, plenty of them have occurred since she was born. During her lifetime the Titanic sunk, World War I began, Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize and Mata Hari was executed. She was 15 years old when Rudolph Valentino died, 30 when Pearl Harbor was attacked and 58 when man first walked on the moon. And it is so amazing how far technology has come since she was born. She was 5 before the first light switch was invented, and now she's living in an age where I can search for and read the entire history of electricity on a portable computer that fits in my pocket.

Me and my mom made a little website for guests who couldn't make it to the party, if you'd like to take a look! It has lots of photos, a guest book and facts that my mom compiled from every year since Aunt Annie's birth! It's really awe-inspiring to look through the list and see everything she's lived through. There's also this video, which is an extended version of the one I posted last year. I found my original raw footage a couple weeks ago, which included about 8 extra minutes of amazing stories that I hadn't included in the documentary I made for my school project! She did seem a little frail this past Thanksgiving, but the cough she had has subsided and she seems just as spunky now, at 99 and 51 weeks, as she did in 2009 when I shot this!

ps. The flowers in the card design are from Just Something I Made :)