Sunday, December 11, 2011

slumber party sunday

This looks so simple, but so cute! I think I'm going to try it out this week using my own brownie recipe. Honestly, any reason to have strawberries and chocolate together is a plus in my book! Via Daisy's World.

I used to love "A Mom for Christmas" so much when I was a kid! I just found it on youtube this week and while it definitely isn't as amazing as I remember, it was so fun and nostalgic to see it again! I thought it was funny that the 'mom' is a mannequin, but the dad was the one whose acting was stiff ;) har har.. Anyway, it's a fun little made-for-tv 90's Christmas movie that's sure to bring back memories if you watched it when you were a tot! :) Buy it on amazon // View it on youtube!

Truth: What is the worst gift you've ever received?
Dare: Sing along aloud to the Christmas songs next time you're out shopping!