Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On Christmas Day

dress - modcloth
belt - forever 21
tights - target
shoes - c/o blowfish

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Mine was fantastic! I absolutely LOVE giving gifts, and I had my parents' presents picked out since like September. I hardly slept at all on Christmas Eve, I was so anxious to see them open their presents in the morning! :D Then in the afternoon we went to see Aunt Annie at the nursing home. This was her first Christmas where she couldn't leave to come to our house, but she was in such good spirits! Laughing, telling stories and relaying anecdotes about life at the nursing home (she slapped another resident! her excuse? "she slapped me first!") She officially turned 100 on Friday, by the way!!

And now today is actually Christmas Part II in my family... my grandmom has us over after Christmas each year to open presents at her apartment. She's taking us out for breakfast, then we're spending the whole day watching movies, eating sweets and having fun! When we were little, she always took me and my brother on carousel rides... it was like our "thing," so when me and Kyle were out Christmas shopping at Michaels and saw a carousel in their Christmas village, we knew we had to get it! I can't wait to see her face when she opens her gift!! We even went through all of our old family photos to find pictures of us as children riding the carousel with her, and put them in a little card to go with it!

Did you get/give anything special this year or start any new traditions? I started one... on Christmas after our parents went to sleep, me and Kyle watched one of the Christmas episodes of The Office. We're going to do that every year now :)