Tuesday, December 20, 2011

that girl

green suit - c/o JoJo's Vintage
necklace - handmade
tights - asos
shoes - MIA

I feel like a cross between That Girl and Mary Tyler Moore in this outfit! I've been gravitating towards really muted pastel clothes lately so this is a nice little burst of color for my wardrobe :)

Last night my mom was really blue and went to bed early, so my dad, my brother and I decided to super Christmas-ize the house while she was sleeping. She loves Christmas so much, but since me and my dad both work from home we end up spending a bit too much time working and not enough time enjoying the season with her. Hopefully this will help a bit :) I cut out huge Christmas lights from construction paper and taped them to our kitchen cabinets (I posted a photo on instagram here) and then I made lots of Christmas cookies shaped like candy canes and ornaments. I also made little word bubbles that say "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and "Merry Christmas" and taped them to all of the artwork downstairs so all of the kitties and people on the walls are all showing their holiday spirit ;)