Wednesday, December 28, 2011

over the river and through the woods

dress- dorothy perkins
lace cardigan - h&m
belt - forever 21
shoes - c/o blowfish

I wore this for Christmas at my grandmom's house yesterday. A little fancy considering my brother wore sweatpants, but I couldn't let the holidays pass without wearing this dress out at least once! It seems so festive to me :)

After we opened presents (she loved the carousel, by the way!!) my Grandmom mentioned that she had some boxes of old photos I could go through next time I visited, and I was like "um.. why not right now??!!" so we spent the rest of the evening going through LOADS of old family pictures. It was fantastic! I can't wait to start scanning them all! There were some photos of Aunt Annie that I'd never seen, too, so I want to upload those to her centennial site & take them with me next time I visit her!

Tomorrow I'm going to do a 2011-in-review post, and then I think my next post will be in 2012. I didn't realize until Christmas actually got here how much I REALLY needed a break!! Not so much from blogging but just from constantly doing something every minute of the day. I need to unplug a bit and get some rest so I'm re-energized for the new year! :)